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Fort Myers Office

November 3, 2014


 Provide supervision to attorneys and paralegals through case reviews, co-counseling and general oversight of outreach, intake, case selection and case planning processes.  Carry small caseload.  Participate in general program planning and governance.  Conduct performance evaluations of advocates.

 *Comprehensive description attached.


 Experience, 5 years preferred, in federal litigation, preferably in the areas of employment, housing, family/custody, farm worker law or immigration.  Ability and willingness to supervise and develop advocates.  Admitted to Florida Bar


 Attorney scale plus 10% 

Liberal annual level and fringe benefits provisions.

 Send Resume to:

 Beverly McCoy, Recruitment Coordinator

Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc.

3210 Cleveland Avenue, Ste. 101

Fort Myers, FL  33901

Email:  beverly.mccoy@frls.org

DEADLINE :   Until Filled

       Staff Attorneys, Paralegals & Support StaffUntil Filled

SUPERVISOR:         Executive Director and Deputy Director

Job Description/Responsibilities:

Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. is a private not for profit corporation which receives funds from the Legal Services Corporation (LSC).  It provides free legal assistance to low income clients in 13 counties and to migrant farm workers throughout the State of Florida.  Our agency has been in existence since 1966.  The position currently available is that of the Managing Attorney. This management level position will involve the oversight of staff attorneys, paralegals and support staff within a designated location.  An applicant should have find (5) years of experience, preferably in a legal services environment, as well as experience in federal court practice.

FRLS’ mission is to provide accessible legal assistance that empowers the low income and disadvantaged population through; effective advocacy, outreach to persons isolated by geography, language, or other circumstances, and comprehensive community education and support, so as to promote equal justice and support clients in their efforts to be full participants in society.

FRLS’ key values are aggressive advocacy with an emphasis on obtaining individual relief that will affect or change outcomes for others as well.

The following outlines some of the more salient responsibilities of this position:

  • Carry half-time caseloads, depending on the needs of the office for supervision and management.
  • Sets a positive tone and example by adhering to office hours, exhibiting a strong work ethic, communication and treating clients with courtesy and respect; provides feedback as needed for good or poor performance.
  • Serves as the formal supervisor (for labor relations purposes) of all advocates in the office:
  • Arranges for daily supervision of all advocates, using supervising attorneys where appropriate;
  • Conducts regular reviews/discussions of individual advocates’ cases.
  • Reviews case opening memos for compliance with priorities and full development of potential avenues of relief.
  • Serves as, or arranges for a mentor for new advocates during their first year of practice (see Addendum for description of mentor’s duties).
  • Keep informed about current work and workloads of advocates, making adjustments in work assignments as needed.
  • Reviews case opening memoranda of all advocates in the office.
  • Is accessible to office advocates to answer questions and solve problems.
  • Arranges for reviews of all substantial written work of advocates prior to filing.
  • To the extent practicable, attempts to be actively involved in the work being performed by other advocates in the office.
  • Periodic review of closed cases.
    • Participates in performance evaluations of staff as assigned.
    • Manages office intake system: supervises screener and PAI coordinator, ensures that case are approximately distributed and promptly assigned, makes provision for serving clients with emergencies, and gives notice to Admin of any significant changes in the system.
    • Manages case acceptance/assignment process, using regular office meetings and/or other processes.
    • Plans and monitors an appropriate client outreach system for the office.
    • Accepts, documents and resolves, at the first level, all client grievances and other complaints about service or denial of service by the local office.
    • Monitors and promotes accessibility of the local office to clients, including rural clients, non-English speaking clients and handicapped clients.
    • Makes decisions promptly, delegating authority and obtaining input from staff where appropriate. 
    • Regularly meets with office screener and PAI coordinator to review cases where representation has been denied.
    • Promotes good relations with public, including client groups, service providers, press and private bar, attending/speaking at local meetings appropriate.
    • Participates in hiring process for all local office staff.
    • Participates actively and constructively in legal work management meetings, decision, etc.
    • Provides timely reports and data upon request for grant application, fundraising, public relations and other programs needs.
    • Keeps central administrative informed of issues relating to effectiveness of the office and individual staff.
    • Is familiar with FRLS policies, as well as requirements of LSC and other funders, and enforces these policies and requirements within the local office.
                                         ADDENDUM – DUTIES OF MENTOR

 Each new attorney is assigned a mentor for his/her first year of employment at FRLS. In most cases, the mentor is the managing attorney.  However, in large offices, or where the managing attorney is overburdened for other reasons, an experienced staff attorney may be asked to serve as the mentor.

 The duties of the mentor are to ensure that the following occurs:

 ü  Make the new attorney aware of available program resources, FRLS designated resource persons, community specialists, backup centers, training opportunities, etc.

ü  Make the new attorney aware of program policies and funder requirements, per program policy book.

ü  Assure that the new attorney is introduced to the community, including courts, public officials, client groups, bar associations, advocacy groups and service agencies.

ü  Arrange for the new attorney to observe depositions, hearings, arguments, etc, by leading program advocates, including the mentor him/herself.

ü  Assist the new attorney in preparing and practicing for hearings, arguments, deposition, etc.

ü  Insure that the new attorney has opportunity for supervised motion or trial work promptly after she is admitted to practice.

ü  Attend and assist the new attorney for at least her first three hearings, depositions, arguments, etc.

ü  Provide encouragement and support to assist the new attorney in passing the Florida Bar examination.

ü  Assist the new attorney in gaining admission under the student practice or out-of state attorney rule, if applicable.

ü  Serve as a role model to promote the values of hard work, high quality advocacy and treating others with courtesy and respect.

ü  Assist the new attorney in developing at least one case or other advocacy project with substantial impact during his/her first year at FRLS.


 Competitive Industry Salary; 25 accumulated vacation/sick days; 90% FRLS paid medical for employee; 50% FRLS paid dental benefits for employee; student loan assistance, 20 days sabbaticals after 4 years of services; 12 paid holidays per year; 2 personal days after 6 months of service; FRLS paid life insurance and long-term disability.