• Medical Legal Partnership

  • FRLS has partnered with several medical facilities to provide free legal services to those who qualify through the medical legal partnership program. The medical legal partnership program was established to address medical clients health concerns that arise from legal issues. The program's goal is to build an integrated health care system that provides legal assistance for patients facing health-harming social concerns. 

    FRLS will provide free legal services along with the professional expertise of our lawyers and support-staff to assist health care clinics and facilities. By working with clinicians, case managers, and social workers, FRLS will be able to address structural problems at the root of so many health care inequities.


    Apply through our Referral System

    Call during the hours listed or apply online anytime
    Monday- Friday
    8:30 am- 5:00 pm

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  • Client Stories

  • Client Story

    When “Mary” (not her real name) finally reached out to for help she was distraught, she had recently obtained an injunction for protection against her husband due to the domestic violence and abuse she had suffered in her marriage. Mary desperately wanted a different life for herself and her two small children but did not know where to begin.

    Mary reached out to Florida Rural Legal Services (FRLS) because she knew that she had to end the abuse once and for all. She needed to divorce her husband but could not afford an attorney.

    A FRLS attorney represented Mary in the divorce proceedings where she obtained child support, exclusive use and possession of the marital home, a safe parenting plan for her children, and most importantly a new beginning to live a life free from violence and control.

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