Are you an attorney, paralegal, law student, or other professional who would like to change lives while advancing justice?

You’ve come to the right place!

The mission of FRLS Pro Bono Initiative is to increase access to justice through partnership with the private bar, law students, paralegals, and other professionals to change lives while advancing justice.  We seek to create an environment that promotes personal fulfillment and individual growth to our volunteers. In 2016, our pro bono volunteers donated over 1,600 hours of legal assistance helping clients that otherwise would have been turned away due to our limited resources. Thank you!

To watch a video from some of our pro bono attorney volunteers “click here“.

 “Imagine the impact we can make if every attorney in the state of Florida helped ONE pro bono client”


  • FRLS provides malpractice coverage for our pro bono volunteers
  • FRLS provides access to FREE CLE
  • FRLS provides a mentor or meeting space as needed
  • FRLS reimburses for certain costs
  • FRLS provides support services as needed
  • FRLS will track your pro bono hours for annual reporting

If you wish to learn more about our pro bono initiative contact:

10th Circuit

Sheena Robinson, Pro Bono Coordinator
Phone: 863-688-7376 ext. 3018

19th Circuit

Glenda Montes de Oca, Pro Bono Coordinator
Phone: 772-466-4766 ext. 7016

20th Circuit

Ethel Wells, Pro Bono Coordinator
239- 334-4554 ext. 4134

Further program questions please contact:

Carolyn Fabrizio. Director of Private Attorney Involvement
Phone: 1-888-582-3410 ext. 7024