In 2016, FRLS handled more than 3,500 housing cases. We helped more than 6,000 people by educating them about their rights as tenants, negotiating settlements on their behalf, and providing representation in court.

Please call 1-800-277-7680 to see if you qualify for FRLS services.

FRLS helps individuals with the following issues

  • Landlord who shut utilities off or change the locks without court authorization
  • Public Housing/Subsidized Housing/Low Income Tax Credit Property Issues
  • Mortgage Foreclosure/Homeowner’s Association/Condo Association Foreclosure
  • Breaking the Lease/Termination of Tenancy by the Tenant
  • Terminations of Tenancy
  • Landlord refusing to make repairs
  • Rental Security Deposit Return Cases
  • Tenant in foreclosed rentals
  • Evictions