• About Florida Rural Legal Services (FRLS)

  • Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc. (FRLS) is a nonprofit 501(c) 3 law firm that was founded in 1966 as a private, non-profit corporation. FRLS has been providing high quality free civil legal assistance to low-income individuals, families, and vulnerable populations including the elderly, Veterans, and victims of crime throughout 14 counties in Florida for over 57 years. FRLS also provides legal assistance to migrant workers throughout the state of Florida through its program-wide Migrant Farmworker Unit.

    Every day, our attorneys and staff work to create opportunities for the most vulnerable individuals and families to find their path out of poverty, live independently, and contribute to making our society a better place for all of us to live.

    Take the time to learn how we can help you in improving your life, and how you can support our services to ensure they are available to those who need them most in the 14 counties that we serve.

  • Vision

    Our vision is a justice system in which every person, regardless of their income, has equal access to legal representation and justice.


    Our mission is to empower low income individuals, groups, and communities by providing them with access to justice through legal advice, representation, and advocacy.


    Work hard, be passionate, be determined, help others and always keep learning and improving.

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  • FRLS' Impact

    Florida Rural Services (FRLS) served over 8,000 applicants throughout its five regional service areas and centralized advice hotline. Of the clients served, 4,279 of these applicants were served in areas that were either directly or indirectly legal issues arising out of the recent pandemic and/or hurricanes that affected Florida. FRLS was able to recover or save the clients $3,424,557 in fees, penalties, or monetary awards.

    FRLS' History

    FRLS is unique in its service to farmworkers because of its rich history, dating back to its inception. In 1966, the office of Economic Opportunity, the agency created by R. Sargent Shriver during the Lyndon B. Johnson administration to spearhead the War on Poverty, funded a two-year demonstration and research project to provide legal services to farmworkers in six South Florida counties.


    The project was originally called the South Florida Migrant Services. The program was extremely successful, and to this day, now as FRLS, continues to be the only legal services organization in Florida providing services to farmworkers and migrant workers throughout the state.

    Today, FRLS helps clients with a myriad of legal issues including consumer protection, family protection, employment, public benefits and economic stability, housing protection, elder services, and farm worker rights. FRLS also provides services in individual and civil rights. FRLS handles thousands of cases every year by providing access to justice and continues to evolve in the quality and scope of services provided.


    As of late, there's a total of 104 staff members, including 44 staff attorneys, and 13 paralegals.

    FRLS is pleased that our Executive Director/CEO is the champion for community education outreach efforts, statewide migrant unit, service improvements, and Diversity & Inclusion efforts.


    Our organization is committed to creating a diverse culture is that diversity broadens the talent pool, allowing organizations to tap into new talent sources and broader ranges of skills. Within FRLS, diverse employees are valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate in FRLS three prong service approach which includes, (1) front line services and intake; (2) community outreach and education; and (3) comprehensive free legal services. FRLS highlights the value of a holistic, integrated, multifaceted approach to civil legal aid which addresses the diverse needs of diverse populations and addresses the needs of disadvantaged people, who are especially vulnerable, due to pressing legal problems.

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