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    We help low-income consumers achieve financial stability by providing services in bankruptcy, collection abuse, fraud, exploitation, violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and unlawful garnishment.


    Civil legal aid helps consumers assert their rights to fair and legal treatment in their financial affairs.

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  • Client Stories

  • Client Story

    Carol (not her real name) is a single mom who was supporting three children. Although she was working full-time she was not able to continue to pay a credit card that she had used to make ends meet.


    A collection lawsuit was filed and a judgment was obtained against Carol which she could not pay. Eventually, her wages were garnished by the credit card company and she needed help to stop the garnishment. Her wages were the only income she had to support her children, she was not receiving child support.

    FRLS represented Carol and filed a form of exemption showing that she was the head of the household and her wages were not subject to garnishment. The garnishment was dismissed. FRLS then helped Carol file for bankruptcy and discharge the debt so that she could move forward without fear of garnishment.

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