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Geraldo Quintero is a kind of private person.  He suffers from anxiety and issues that make managing finances difficult for him.  He reached out to FRLS when he was served with three collection lawsuits.  The stress from the lawsuits was aggravating his anxiety and other conditions and he didn’t know what to do.

Numerous studies demonstrate the correlation between financial pressures and mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.  Financial problems adversely impact mental health.

An FRLS attorney represented Geraldo in a bankruptcy case and his debts were discharged. He can now sleep well, meet his obligations, and is no longer getting harassed by aggressive debt collectors.

FRLS also referred Geraldo to financial literacy classes so he can be better equipped at managing his finances in the future.  He agreed to share his story so that other people would not be afraid to reach out to FRLS when they need help.  

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