FRLS Represents at Hurricane Recovery & Rebuild Workshop for Port Charlotte Community

Hurricane Ian Relief

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(PORT CHARLOTTE, Fla)- Hurricanes can cause immense destruction and have long-lasting impacts on communities, businesses, and individuals. The recovery and rebuild process can be overwhelming, and it is critical to have the necessary information and resources to ensure a successful restoration.

To provide guidance to those affected by hurricanes, the County Attorney, Janette S. Knowlton, organized a Hurricane Recovery & Rebuild Workshop on March 30, 2023.

The workshop brought together experts in various fields to discuss essential topics related to hurricane recovery and rebuilding.

Each expert representing their organization was eager to help the community gain what they had lost in this life-altering natural disaster.

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Michelle Trunkett, the FRLS managing attorney provided information on legal assistance available to low-income individuals and families affected by hurricanes. Trunkett discussed who FRLS is as a whole, providing information for people who may qualify for help.

The Hurricane Recovery & Rebuild Workshop was an essential event for those affected by hurricanes. The workshop provided valuable insights and information on various topics related to hurricane recovery and rebuilding such as small business planning, and types of legal assistance. The event was a testament to the community's resilience and determination to rebuild after the storm.