• Polk County Emergency Rental &

    Utility Help - 

    Still Taking Applications

  • Help is available if:

    Hay ayuda disponible si:

    You are a Polk County resident who is experiencing a loss or reduction of income, loss of employment, or health-related issues due to COVID-19.


    Tú o alguien que vive en tu casa estan pasando dificultades financieras debido a COVID-19.

    You are currently delinquent on rent or utility payments.


    Tu estas pasando inestabilidad de alojamiento o puede perder su casa.

    You meet local income thresholds. Current gross household income is below 80% of the area median income based on household size.


    Y cumple con los umbrales de ingresos locales.

  • Assisting Polk County residents with payments of up to 12 months of delinquent rent and utilities payments, up to $12,000. In addition, qualified Polk County residents can get up to 3 months of future rent.


    Documents Needed to Apply for Assistance:

    • Florida Driver's License for applicant and co-applicant
    • Documented income hardship (qualify for unemployment benefits or significant reduction income or increase in expenses due to COVID-19)
    • Delinquent statement for rent and utilities
    • Current lease or rental statement in applicant’s/co-applicant’s name
    • Most recent paystub, unemployment letter, or 2021 Tax Returns
    • W-9 form from your landlord or property manager

    Household Monthly Annual


    1 $3,333 $40,000


    2 $3,813 $45,760


    3 $4,286 $51,440


    4 $4,760 $57,120


    5 $5,146 $61,760


    6 $5,526 $66,320


    7 $5,906 $70,880


    8 $6,286 $75,440

  • Contact Us

    Call Monday- Friday 8:30 am-5:00 pm

    for Rental & Utility Assistance

    Florida Rural Legal Services will see if you qualify.

    Phone Number: (863) 904-4800

  • Qualifying COVID Impacts:

    The emergency rental and utility assistance program is available to Polk County residents, who are behind in rental and/or utility payment and meet income thresholds, that have experienced an income loss due to COVID19-related issues.


    Some examples of COVID19-related issues are:
    • Reduced hours due to fewer sales or customers because of COVID
    • Reduced paycheck or loss of employment due to taking care of a loved one or child who had COVID
    • COVID restrictions caused loss of income
    • Fixed-income households that have increased expenses due to purchasing items/ or seeking additional health care to recover from COVID
    • Long-COVID issues that have caused a loss of income
    • Increase in financial responsibility due to COVID
    • Took a lower-paying job due to COVID

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