Client Story - Eduardo

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Eduardo (not his real name) knew he had to help his family, they were barely getting by in Honduras. He heard about a man recruiting workers to come to Florida to pick strawberries. The man promised him steady work, fair wages, and safe housing.

The man made Eduardo pay recruitment fees that Eduardo learned later were illegal. When Eduardo arrived in Florida and started working, it did not take him long to learn that the job was not what he was promised. Although he labored hours in the hot sun, he and the other workers were not being paid his full wages.

Men working in a fruit field

Eduardo wanted to complain, but he was afraid what the crew leader would do to him. Eduardo was alone and far from home, he didn’t speak the language or know anyone in Florida, and the crew leader was holding his visa and documents. He didn’t know where to turn.

Eduardo was referred to FRLS and a lawsuit was filed against the farm for violations of the laws designed to protect farmworkers from the very treatment Eduardo was receiving. Eduardo was able to obtain damages including the wages due to him. He was also refunded the wrongfully charged fees.

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