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  • Everyone deserves to be safe and live without fear of violence. FRLS’ legal services provide one of the most effective ways to help survivors escape from domestic violence.


    Our experienced advocates and attorneys provide representation and guidance on issues including orders of protection, parenting plans, divorce, paternity, temporary custody, and more.

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  • Client Stories

    June 13, 2021 · Consumer Law,Client Story
    Geraldo Quintero is a kind of private person.  He suffers from anxiety and issues that make managing finances difficult for him.  He reached out to FRLS when he was served with three collection lawsuits.  The stress from the lawsuits was aggravating his anxiety and other conditions and he didn’t...
    June 13, 2021 · Individual Rights,Client Story
    Ana (not her real name) was in a very abusive marriage and escaped to the United States from Guatemala with her two children. Her husband followed her and threatened to harm her and the children if she didn’t go back to him.  Ana knew she had to end the cycle. When she refused to go back with...
    June 13, 2021 · Consumer Law,Client Story
    Carol (not her real name) is a single mom who was supporting three children. Although she was working full-time she was not able to continue to pay a credit card that she had used to make ends meet. A collection lawsuit was filed and a judgment was obtained against Carol which she could not pay...
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