• FRLS Services

  • A wife and husband

    Family Protection

    Everyone deserves to be safe and live without fear of violence. FRLS’ legal services provide one of the most effective ways to help survivors escape from domestic violence.
    Our experienced advocates and attorneys provide representation and guidance on issues including orders of protection, parenting plans, divorce, paternity, temporary custody, and more.

    A house

    Housing Rights

    FRLS helps families remain in their homes and live stable lives.
    We stop people from being unfairly evicted, protect renters with disabilities, combat unlawful fees, secure safe housing conditions, stop illegal lockouts and shutoffs, preserve public housing, defend mortgage foreclosures, terminations of tenancy, and more.

  • A basket of food

    Agricultural Workers

    Florida’s agricultural workers labor in the sun and heat to provide fresh fruits and vegetables that we enjoy.
    FRLS provides education, legal information, advice and representation to eligible workers in the areas of employment, benefits, immigration, housing, safety as well as other civil legal issues that directly impact agricultural workers living throughout the state.

    A stack of papers

    Public Benefits

    Public Benefits provide a safety net of basic living necessities for the most vulnerable people; seniors on fixed incomes; persons with disabilities; homeless veterans; and children. FRLS helps prevent the loss or reduction of their public benefits.

  • An envelope and letter

    Consumer Law

    We help low-income consumers achieve financial stability by providing services in bankruptcy, collection abuse, fraud, exploitation, violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and unlawful garnishment.
    Civil legal aid helps consumers assert their rights to fair and legal treatment in their financial affairs.

    The scales of justice

    Individual Rights

    FRLS uses litigation and advocacy to fight discrimination, human trafficking and to provide opportunities as part of our efforts to promote racial, social, and economic justice for persons residing in our county service area and farmworkers throughout the State of Florida.
    Areas of assistance include sealing criminal records, name and gender marker changes for transgender individuals, driver’s license restoration, employment discrimination, immigration assistance including U and T- Visa applications for victims, immigration assistance with green card renewals, naturalization and petitions for immediate family members.